Our History

We began not so much with a passion or as a continuation of some family tradition. Rather, the first motivation was that of learning and wish to understand. And what pushed us there was... well... failure.

One Christmas, some years before we began, Colt Shannon, Teri's brother and my brother-in-law gave us one of those home beer brewing kits. You know, the one with all the necessary ingredients and detailed instructions. The fool-proof one. And for a while, the kit quietly waited for its hour on the shelf in the pantry. Until one day it was finally made into what turned out tasting like and having a mouthfill of... shampoo!! It was that monumental failure at a seemingly unfailable task that made me ponder all the different methods of making grown up beverages. Beer seemed too complicated at the time, and wine - too simple. What seemed to be excitingly technical and yet promised most predictable results was distillation. And so, having dusted off the old knowledge of physics and chemistry,  and not so old skills of soldering and pipe-fitting, I set out to build the first components of what became a very exciting and rewarding enedeavor - Ramhorn Distillery

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Ramhorn Distillery

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